Offering straight forward and professional HR guidance and solutions

About Us

At remoteHR we are passionate about offering our clients straight forward and professional HR guidance and solutions. Being a fully remote company, we are able to work with businesses throughout the UK. We offer a friendly and efficient service, that is tailored to your needs.

As a remote company we are able to keep our costs lower, and our carbon footprint to a minimum.


remoteHR was created in 2019, by Naomi Saxon, CIPD Associate. After a successful 18 months of working remotely with her previous employer, the idea for setting up a completely location independent HR business was born.


We offer a variety of different services to support our clients with their HR and people needs. Whether you need to find new talent, manage your existing people or are looking to improve staff satisfaction, we will work closely with you to support your business.



Naomi has 16 years HR experience, 10 years in a large corporate environment within the insurance industry and 6 years working in a standalone HR role, within advertising.


These two very different sectors and size of companies has given Naomi a unique breadth of experience, which is valuable in the work she does with her clients.


Naomi’s work passion within HR is personal development and growth, seeing people advance in their careers and flourish. Whether this is through coaching people directly herself, or through working with Line Managers to support the development of their teams.


Outside work, Naomi runs along the coast, walks in the Brecon’s and generally spends as much time in the great outdoors as possible.